I have taken a few programming courses and really want to master an IDE and vastly improve my programming skills so that I oneday may be able to develop commerical quality software products and work as a programmar. I am also learning *nix right now and noticed KDE comes with a integrated IDE that supports like 14 languages.

So which one should I really spend alot of time with familiarizing myself with? Are there pros and cons to each? From what I read, the KDE K develop is on par with visual studio .net, anyone know more?

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KDevelop is really nice ... Linux has a few nice goodies actually. However, it really depends what you want to get into. If you want to be a Windows programmer or study up on .NET languages, a linux IDE isn't going to help you a great deal. Alternatively, if you want to do C/C++ programming with QT or the like, you'll be on a *nix box. Before you can decide on an IDE, choose a platform to go with. :)


Don't just master one ide as that won't able you to create commercial quality products but what you must do is to master at least two or at most three languages as by doing this ables you to run each others executable in whichever your main thread is. By the way if you cannot decide on which platform to stick to just use compilers that run on multi platforms.

I hope this helps you

Yours Sincerely

Richard West


You can try Magic C++, a visual remote Unix/Linux C/C++ IDE
It looks just like Visual C++ and supprots for editing, compiling, debugging etc.


I've got Magic C++ V2.5 yesterday. It supports CVS and visual HTML format man page online help now. Most important the server component source code is open to offer support for various UNIX/Linux platform requests, I've compiled it successfully under HP-UX and IBM AIX and works well, :p

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