Hi Friends,

Again i m here with my problem.

I m developing a very large project and i m using a huge memory model in my borland turboc++ 3.0 compiler.

What is happening is that when i m compiling my program,it is not generating any errors but when i m trying to execute it,the O.S. is giving the error "NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction : "source" .Choose close to close the program".

I get 2 options (i)Close & (ii)Ignore.

Clicking on Ignore does nothing and then i click on close,the i m just thrown out of the dos windows.

I have encountered this problem before also and i have handled it by changing the memory model from huge to large memory model and then i was able to execute my program but now that is not working.

I m using Win-2k,Win-XP and win-98 O.S. and i m getting the same problem in all the three o.s. while executing my program.

Please help.....

Thanks in advance.


Which system are you compiling on, and which system are you compiling for? The error basically says that the virtual DOS machine is encountering errors with your 16-bit program on a 32-bit system. It could be something you're doing, or something you're not doing that you should be. Though I would recommend looking at the Microsoft solutions for that error message before trying to fiddle with your code. It could just be that the problem is your systems and not the software. That's somewhat unlikely, but why not go for the easy fix first?