hey guys can u pls help in developing this program...im really very beginner in this...can u pls teach me how to start.. thank you so much...god bless

You are required to develop a system to record details of student. This system should be implemented using structure and array. You are required to develop a structure which contains student details such as Student ID, Student Name, Nationality and Gender.
You are also required to create a system which implements the structure which has the following function:
a) Insert new record
In this function, user will able to insert the detail of the student and insert it into array. The Maximum size of array set to 100. If the maximum size reached, the system should inform the user.

b) Delete record
In the delete record function, user able to delete the record by inserting the student ID, the particular record will be removed from the array.
c) Sort record
In the sorting function, user able to sort the record according by selecting student name or student ID
d) Display record
In this function, user will able to display all record in the array to screen.

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