I am trying to design an rss feed reader using xerces-c and im using dom parsing, I am new to this side of programming and everything I know so far is self taught.
I can read an xml document that is in my computer but I can't access external ones, so i need a way to connect to the url.
thanks in advance.......

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Which OS?
Which Compiler?

You need to access a URL, so are you fine using a library (try libcurl), or do you want to roll your own code?


im using linux ubuntu and im using g++ to compile, I have the libcurl library loaded, do you mind to give a snippet of how I would connect to a url?


I'm sure the libcurl website has examples a-plenty.

Oh, and spend more than 5 minutes doing some research yourself before firing back - please give me examples.

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ok I WIL TRY THat out so u saying I cant do that with xerces-c alone?


I have installed libcurl and curl but when I compile it says it cant find them..what should i do?


helloos its me again

I have figured out how to use xerces-c it's pretty neat, but I can only read a webpage using curl and save it as a string and then create an xml file and then parse the file using xerces-c ,does anyone know how I can read from curl to xercec-c instead of creating a file?

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