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I think you heard of that recently.

Thanks very much for your useful contribution!!
I THINK that when you replied, it stated that 20 hours ago I posted the fact that I discovered it TODAY!!!
Congratulations on your infinite wisdom!!!
Obviously, the information was intended as a tip for those who may not know!!
Where was it that I read "Share your knowledge"!!


I also found this a couple years ago and it is absolutely a must have -- one of the first things I install on any workstation where I will be doing VB6.

Kudos to you for taking time to share it with others! I should have done the same.


Congratulations on your infinite wisdom!!!

That is because of this Until today I just assumed it wasn't an option. You posted as if that was released the day you found it. If you do not know something do not assume that the whole world is ignorant of it.
There are so many things we do not know. That does not me those did not exist till we came to know about it. If you are learning old things like VB 6.0 and that is new for you ,then that is perfectly fine.


No!! I posted as though UNTIL TODAY I ASSUMED IT WAS NOT AN OPTION!!Absolutely nowhere in the post does it say that it is a new release.
It is obvious to me how posting the knowledge can be of use to others regardless of whether it was released today,yesterday,last year or has been around for as long as time itself!! I fail to see how you giving in to your need to have some sort of say in every thread helps!!

If you are learning old things like VB 6.0 and that is new for you ,then that is perfectly fine.

I'm so glad that is alright with you!!:yawn:

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