We have seen websites using Flash, very cool Menus, slides and much more. How to do this in C++.

I am making a Contact Book.
I want to create eye chating cool look GUI for it's front end.

I have made a class named ContactManager
this class get contact information in form of string store it to file and reterive back.

I implemented this in Console.
Now i want it to be like Desktop application.

Need Guidence.

Muhammad Ahmed.

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c++ is not the best language for web sites -- use java instead. But if this is not for a web site then for gui I'd use wxWidgets or OpenGL. You could use pure win32 api but it would be more difficult.

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Can we catch event from Flash to C++,

For example if a user press a button in Flash, we want to activate a method in our C class,
I search on google but i did to get any thing satisfactory.
They only show how to play a Flash movie in MFC dialog using ShockWave ActiveX Control.

Now i am able to run a flash *.swf file on MFC dialog using ShockWave ActiveX Control.
What i want now, if i press a button in Flash then there must be method in c that must be execute.

Hope u understand what i am asking for.


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