i hope I'm posting about right topic.
I need to be able to move file(s) from a directory to another directory which the user does not have access to(i.e. they can't view/access the folder).
Can this be done with scripts?
The environment is a windows server 2003 network.


Does this need to be done on-demand or on an interval? You could wrap a service that runs with elevated privelages or schedule a batch file in the task scheduler that runs as admin. If this needs to be done on-demand then it is another issue.

Also please explain what you're trying to do -- maybe it will help us come up with a better approach.

Hi ,
what I want to do is for a user to execute the script (assigning the task to someone else).
This needs to be done on demand

I'm sorry but you created three posts on this so I'm signing off of the thread until they are cleaned up. Posting the same question in two (or more, in your case) is a violation of the community rules.