I have requirement on shell scripting. I require scripts for the following
1) Full backup(application and DB)
2) incremental back up of files
3) restoring of files

Please help me in providing the scripts.

Thanks in advance

If this is class work, please at least sketch out a plan of attack, better with some code (be sure to use [code] your code goes here
[/code] tags around your code). If this is work related, please consider getting a serious commercial quality backup program (there are free ones available: I found one in the first half dozen listings when I searched for 'backup utility').


Thanks for the reply.

This is work related. I need the scripts for the above functionality lists.
Full backup: tar all the files and database and copy them in the backup server
Incremental backup: backup all the updated files after the last backup
Restoring of backup files: restore the backup files from the backup server to the application server


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