I am using Microsoft visual c# express 2008 ide. I want to cycle thru my open files - I know there are a couple ways to do this but I want to be able to click on the name of the open file on the tab that is above the Code Editor. Unfortunately, the tabs were originally there but (I did something but don't know what) they are no longer visible.

I can press the ctrl + tab key to see my open files or navigate backward and forward using the buttons on the standard toolbar, but the tabs on top that would normally show the open files are no longer there. I have tried several things to get them back including resetting the windows layout but nothing I have tried has worked.

Can someone tell me how to get the top tabs back on my IDE?


Welcome to DANIWEB sardonic.
When I close all my files in VS I get a gray rectangle and no tabs of course.
When I doubleclick a .cs file in the solutions explorer I get a listing with a tab.
I can choose in the View menu Other Windows and open the Object Browser with a tab.
I can use the File menu to open files and projects...
If that does not solve your problem please specify further.


I can do all the things you mentioned, except when I open the .cs file there is no tab.

When I double click on a .cs form it opens the form (but I get no tab on top). If I double click on another .cs form it will open that form also but with no tab on top.

Both forms will be open but I cannot tab from one form to the other because there are no tabs open.

Thanks for any help!

What do you mean by form?
Is it the form you see in design or is it a C# listing?

For example - I open a project and add a windows form and call it form1.cs (it will also have a form1.designer.cs file). I then create another windows form called form2.cs.

If I then open both files there are no tabs on top to enable me to switch back and forth between each file.

It doesn't matter which type of files or how many I open there are still no tabs on top.

Tools -- Import and Export Settings -- Reset.

You want to "Create a new horizontal tab group" but I don't know how to create it from the IDE. I just reset VS' IDE when it screws up. I gave up trying to customize it because I frequently blow away the settings

Perfect - thank you that worked.

I appreciate everyone's help.

Thanks again!

You're welcome!

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thanks Scott - I will mark it as solved.