I get this error that "LINKER ERROR : SEGEMENT _TEXT EXEEDS 64K".
this error does not come on compiling(ALT+F9) but it shows 25 such errors on running(CTRL+F9).
I am using a turbo c++ 3 IDE.
I am doing a school activity. The program user graphics mode. this error doesnt show when i comment a switch statement. the switch contains around 130 lines in 6 cases.

information on entire program.
file Main.cpp has 2500+ lines and when compiled(ALT+F9) 7142 lines compiled and zero errors. 10 header files have been included viz. iostream.h, conio.h,fstream.h,stdlib.h,stdio.h,string.h,graphics.h,process.h,dos.h, and cards.h(I created with around 2000 lines).

is the problem due to the size of the program, as commenting one of the switch statemenrts worked.

Please help me in solving this problem as i have to submit the activity next week.

Could you post the switch statement as code?

regards Niek

if it would be helpful and not against this forum i am attaching my cpp and .h files.

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