I am developing an application to send and receive data via bluetooth for Symbian mobiles.We have a scanner with built in linux and some C++ program.A C++ Dll is given to communicate by using Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6.When we worked using .Net application when the Serial port is opened it is showing as Green Light Indication(changed From orange blinking to stable green.It is just an indication of manufacturer).Now we are converting .Net application to j2ME Application.We used Javax.Bluetooth api.By starting the inquiry for remote devices we are finding the device.We are also finding the bluetooth service in remote device.When we are trying to connect it is showing in mobile as connection is successful.BUt the indication in device as not pure green.It is changing from initial (orange blink to green and orange blink position).we assumed that it is success and tried to send commands.But it is not working.We are in confusion that problem is with connection or in data sending(As in Dll the creator Opened the port using createfile and Write in port using Writefile. He sent All data by keeping string and int parameters in buffer).We used to write by using outputstream.Write.We Tried different types of outputstreams and different types of buffers.We struck here from abt 2 months.If there is any confusion in my post let Me know.I will be very thankful to any one who solved this problem.Becoz i am not finding any person in this platform.Even though if i found he don't knows how to implement this.

Thanks in advance,

You better to ask this question on Nokia developer forum, I have no answer for it, sorry...

Thank you peter.Thank you for your suggestion.