Hi, I have these 2 links I want to start in this web browser. The point of it being in the web browser is so they can't see the 2 links.

The first link signs the person in on this gaming website. And the second link starts the game. The thing is, the first url doesn't allow "&nextURL=" so I can't get it to start as one link using System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("url"); And I can't get it to work using a webBrowser. I tried using one web browser for both url links but it just wouldn't work. I think it only started the 1st url. I then tried using 2 web browsers, 1 to sign in, and the other to start the game, but unfortunately, it didn't go as well too.

The game site also has an executable to start the game, and the .exe is connected to their site. So I tried opening up the web browser to the .exe's site, to have the user sign in, then load the next url to start the game, but that didn't prove too useful. I'm assuming that since it's using a webBrowser to sign in, it won't work on your real web browser. Because I signed in with the webBrowser1, but I went on the site and I wasn't signed in.

So if anyone can help, that'd be just awsome!! Thanks

Not sure how you could do that using the browsers you have installed (firefox/IE) but an alternative could be to use the 'WebBrowser' control in C#. Just make a form, and drag the WebBrowser control. Set the Dock property to Fill, and u can change the URL of this control as many times as you want whenever you want.
You can give it a go, although im not sure if its gonna be the perfect solution.

Thanks for replying. I stated that in my first post though already. It isn't working. The first url to log in works (but on my real browser I'm not signed in), and the second url to start the game won't work, the game doesn't start (on their site, they have a button which I guess the link is just like clicking the button to start the game)