I have an application in VB6; I want to put part of its functionality onto the web. I have Visual Studio 2008 using VB, and am familiar with OO programming (in Java), VB6 programming, and with web programming, though not all in one place.

I would like general advice on where to look to make the best (re)use of what I've got -- there's a two-page report with hundreds of fields on it, generated with MS report designer, and that's the part I would most hate to have to generate from scratch. Can I convert it somehow? I see there's a conversion tool in 2008; will it convert the report? Is there a better tool? Am I better off re-creating the report from scratch?

I'm asking because I don't want to get (another) several days into this and discover it's one of those things that only works theoretically, put there because the product people said they had to have a migration path. If I have to bite the bullet, I'd rather not have chewed on a bunch of stale non-working features first.

Any general advice out there?


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SUMMARY: How are VB 6.0 Data Reports converted to .NET ?
Crystal Reports is the standard reporting tool in Visual Basic.NET. One of its most important advantages is the ability to convert a Microsoft Data Report (.dsr file) to a Crystal Report (.rpt file) through a relatively easy automated process. When a Data Report is converted, an equivalent Crystal Report is generated. The resulting report has the same design and data access as the original report.

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