I have attached a part of the code of wat i am doing now.
It contains 2 picture boxes and a seperate box which is used to copy and paste the data on the picture box to the rectangle next to it.
i need to copy the bitmap image and paste it over the rectangle, and also there can be only 16 such picture boxes that can be put onto the rectangle, not elsewhere.

In case if 0 is selected and placed inside the rectangle for 16 times and if 1 is selected and placed there, then the 0 that was placed 1st shud be deleted and 1 shud be added to the place wher mouse is clicked.

and in the program, the selected bitmap images shud be placed outside the circle and inside the first rectangle, not anywhere else onthe form.

plz do help, am breaking my head over this...

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Maybe my brain is just fried...:yawn: I see you have uploaded your project and appx what it should do (haven't look yet), but can you just indicate what it is exactly that isn't working?.... Or, are we supposed to download and test it to see that it does what you are saying? :confused:

the drag and drop is wat am not getting for the time being.
am not getting the mouse events to do the drag and drop, n in this case, the image selected must be copied and pasted on the form, not direct moving of the image...

I hope u understood this part of my problem..
Thanks... :)..

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