How About Drag and Drop Messaging?

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On the heels of my idea from yesterday, "A New Social Media? Instantaneous Messaging" (Yes, I realize that it should be "Medium" not Media--so sue me), I've decided to grace you with another idea that I've had for some time: Drag and Drop Messaging. This idea, that you'd think would have come from the Apple world, is fairly simple...and revolutionary.

Drag and Drop Messaging, as I said, is simple in concept and revolutionary in action but possibly complex in creation.

Here's how it works in my mind:

You want to send an email message to someone.
You write the message in what looks like a sticky note box.
Drag it to a "Mail" icon on your desktop and drop it there.
A popup list of Contacts appears.
You select the Contact(s) you want the message to go to.
The message goes to the recipient(s).

Alternatively, if you have "favorite" contacts (or distribution lists), you can have those as icons or as a short list on your desktop that you drag your messages to for an automatic send.

The other idea is to have messaging tied to an IM client where you can drag your messages to your buddies on your IM list and have the messages automatically send to the ones you select.

I hate having to go through all the gyrations that email requires. I'd like to make it even more "object oriented" and easy to use with Drag and Drop capability.

So, again, what do you brilliant developers think of my little plan? Are there any of you out there skilled or brave enough to take on such a task? If so, send me a Private Message or use the Comments section to let me know.

Oh, and it needs to be cross platform (All operating systems) so that everyone can enjoy a truly integrated messaging system.

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sounds like a neat idea ,but i think you may have let it out of the bag in the wrong way ,you should have made contact with programmer,programmer's for a software company/email client or such and tried to sell them you idea , not let it out on a open forum,at leaast you could have posted it in the software development section

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