Hi everyone, i'm new here, and also new in InfoTech education (i'm a freshman student)

I don't really know what's the exact word for it, so it's pretty hard for me to search it in this forum but....

can anyone help me out?

how can i use WHILE in reversing numbers..?

say for example....


Enter Number: 99873
Number in Reverse is: 37899


My first post.

I didnt want to spoonfeed you but its really simple so here it is.
i have made some small errors intentionally which you will be able to fix once you understand the code.

#include <stdio.h>

void myreverse(char pass[21]);

int main(int argc, char  *argv[])
	char pass[21];
	int length = strlen(pass);
	printf("length is %d\n", length);
    return 0;

void myreverse(char pass[21])
	int i = 0;
	printf("reversed string is %s\n",pass);