hello guys..,
i am developing an application for a loans and savings(financial) firm. i would want as much data as possible so i can get a good work done.

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How much more unspecific you can get? :'(
Come on, you can do better than that and ask a specific question please.


Before u going to start ur proj, u have to get some basic details and requirements from d company. The details u should collect are:

1. Get filled specimen of all appln forms and receipts. it ll help u in declaring fields for classes
2. Try to get info of all of firms processes and calculations from companies near u. Keep note of everything for future references. It ll help u in defining methods for classes.
3. Clearly understand &/ ask wht they expect in your project.

These all very basic things. do u need which type of data? 1. how operations are carried on in financial firm and so (or) 2. how to segregate proj into modules and so.

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