I've made a browser project and beyond making it a default browser, I am having a problem with the Favorites feature TreeView control saving, loading and repopulating it with the users data.

It's tough finding the correct code as there are so many variations of this control in various languages, but I did find sample code for loading and populating the TreeView with a text file using tabs to signify the node structure in VB.Net. (Most others I have found are VB6 or some other variation.)

Since I can load and populate the TreeView from a text file, what I'd like to do is read the TreeViews current data and node structure, then place it into a text file using the tabs for differentiating the nodes. I can get the selected node text with:

txtName.Text = treeView1.SelectedNode.Name.ToString()

but I'd like to read in the entire content. THANKS! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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