Hi all,

I'm having trouble compiling a C++ project,which was originally written using the VC++, in Dev-C++. The problem is identifying the compiler errors that are incurred by the Min-Gw compiler(the default compiler that is shipped with Dev-C++)
I've currently have converted the project(which is an opensource example of JNI) to the Dev-C++ project standard using the Dev-C++ IDE. But now when I try to compile it gives me 11 compiler errors. The 1st of of them is :

C\...\jni_resource.h `_resource' undeclared (first use this function)

But the above variable '_resource' has already been declared in the header file : "jni_resource_base.h" and that file has been included in the file : "jni_resource.h".
I guess this will be clear if you could open the project I've attached here as a zip file(as a Dev-C++ project) and try compiling. I've been trying for weeks but still couldn't get anywhere to solving this issue. Therefore It would be great if anyone of you could help me in this.

Thanks & Regards,