Hi ladies and gentle men
I wanna use bloodshed dev-c++ but when i wanna launch it,before anything happens,a dialog box comes up and says:

There doesn't seem to be GNU Make file in PATH or in Dev-c++'s Bin path.Please make sure that you have GNU Make and adjust Bin setting or system path enviroment variable and that make setting in Compiler Option contains correct filename,otherwise you will not be able to compile anything

and in my dev-c++'s bin file there is just one file named rm.exe
if i must download sth,please give the direct link.

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Then don't use it. Use Microsoft Visual C++ Express.

But I have problem with code::blocks and microsoft visual c++,too.
In fact my code::blocks that its version is 8.02 doesn't compile at all.
and my microsoft visual c++ (v 6) doesn't know some header files like "vector.h".I tried borland c++ 5.02 too.but it has a lot of problems,too.Please help.You know that programming is impossible without an IDE.

There is no <vector.h>, just <vector> which includes all correct template headers in the bits directory.
Did you install Code::Blocks right, and setup up the default compiler?

I installed it right and if you mean selected compiler in compiler and debugger settings,the borland c++ compiler is selected.I changed it but still no answer.
and I used <vector> too but it came up with :

'vector' : undeclared identifier

Next question when you downloaded and installed the Code::Blocks IDE Itrust you actually downloaded the installation that comes with MinGW?


Visual C++ 6 is extremely out of date; I was talking about the 2008 version.

In fact when I wanted to download code::blocks,I just searched download code::blocks and I don't know what you mean chris.
and rubina what do you exactly mean by "hi"?

Both Dev C++ and Code::Blocks installed hassle free for me on Windows XP. I didn't have to tweak anything at all with paths or anything else. The installer did everything for me correctly. Your best route, in my opinion, is to uninstall both programs, download the most current versions, and reinstall. Regarding Visual C++, again uninstall your old version, download the current one (2008), and install it.

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