What development kit is the most widely used? Which is the easiest to use?

Thanks in advance

I've used JCreator a bit and have come to like it it has little neat features so when you type Math. a litle of all the available methods will pop up automatically, as well as the areguments needed (ie int, int), not only will those methods pop up but all other inheirted methods for when you use it on a variable. Another neat feature is that you can collapse/expand methods that you don't want to see or even comments
see this for a screenshot

the program I use now is a editplus
it supports many different languages and you can build your own custom tools into it
I have tools built in depending on whether I am working on Java 1.5.0, Java 1.4.2, Microsoft Visual C++, Metroworks C++, or PHP.
screenshot: http://editplus.com/ss/java.gif

I like JEdit.

If you were talking about the sdk, 1.4 I THINK is the widest used.

Neither JEdit nor JCreator are development kits :)

J2SDK 1.4.x are indeed probably the most widely used today, but I'd advise anyone taking up Java to start learning the 1.5 (5.0) from the outset as it is the future and by the time you're up to speed it will likely be prominent.

yes i know, but I am not a big fan of ide's myself that is why I try to keep it simple with a basic ascii text editor

yes i know, but I am not a big fan of ide's myself that is why I try to keep it simple with a basic ascii text editor

Same here. I actually enjoy using the a text editor and the command line. Although, I do like a Value added text editor like JEdit to highlight and indent my crappy code.

I really like JCreator and all of its features. I also tried blueJ and I really disliked it. Eclipse sounds good just because of the easy way to make layouts for applications... but the code is hard to modify if the program wrote it.

I like very much GEL :-)

but also jEdit and JCreator are good choices!

for quick-edits are also useful Notepad++ and Programmer's Notepad


Has anyone ever used or does anyone know anything about JGrasp? I saw that they were using that at a college I visited recently...

IntelliJidea - is good for writing, but not suitable for other works.
NetBeans - not bad, but read the licence.