I need to format a decimal value to time and then display it in a textbox in the proper format. eg:
double value = 1.25 to "1:15"

I do not have a clue how to go about it


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But you could do something like this...

double value = 1.25;
string str = Convert.ToString(value);
DateTime dt = Convert.ToDateTime(str);
textBox1.Text = dt.ToString();

And make a method to format the string so it displays just the time

nope, that does not work
the output should be 1:15 and the output I get with your code is
AM 12:00

And make a method to format the string so it displays just the time

Although, there might be an easier approach... Wait for more replies :P

This is what I have sofar

public static string FractionalMinutesToString(decimal minutes, string format)
            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(format))
                format = "{0}:{1}"; TimeSpan tspan = TimeSpan.FromMinutes((double)minutes);
            return string.Format(format, tspan.Minutes, tspan.Seconds);
        public static string FractionalHoursToString(decimal minutes)
            return FractionalMinutesToString(minutes, null);
 private void toolStripSplitButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
 Double transitTime = Convert.ToDouble(subData1[13]);
                double newTransitTime = (transitTime * 0.1);
                transitTime = FractionalHoursToString(newTransitTime, );                
                txtTransmitTime.Text = transitTime.ToString();

Perhaps you can try this, it works with doubles but you can convert decimal to double.

class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            double DecNum = 13.573451;
            string TheTime = MakeTimeString(DecNum);
            DecNum = 1.25;
            TheTime = MakeTimeString(DecNum);
            Console.ReadKey(); // hold console until a key is pressed

        static string MakeTimeString(double num)
            double hours = Math.Floor(num); //take integral part
            double minutes = (num - hours) * 60.0; //multiply fractional part with 60
            //double seconds = (minutes - Math.Floor(minutes)) * 60.0;  //add if you want seconds
            int H = (int)Math.Floor(hours);
            int M = (int)Math.Floor(minutes);
            //int S = (int)Math.Floor(seconds);   //add if you want seconds
            return H.ToString() + ":" + M.ToString(); //+":" + S.ToString(); //add if you want seconds

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thank you very much
Worked like a charm

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