Chapter 9 of your textbook (and your lecture notes) refer to a racquetball simulation program (which is attached for your reference). Make the following modifications to the program:

a) Ensure that to win a game (in addition to scoring 15 points) a player must obtain a 2 point margin from the opponent.

b) Players will now have a defensive probability entered (the odds of winning the serve back).

The probability of winning a point on serve becomes: 0.5 + Probability of winning a serve – Probability of opponent successfully defending. Example:

Player A (serving) Attacking Probability = 0.7
Player B (receiving) Defending Probability = 0.65
Player A’s probability of winning serve = 0.5 + 0.7 – 0.65 = 0.55

c) Print detailed results for each game including the number of points played in total and the final score. Attach the results of at least 4 separate matchups each over at least five games.

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