I am having a hard time grasping ADT using linked list.
I have a struct node in a class where i have a node constructor.
I cant create a link list without using the constructor. But thats where i am lost. This is what i have

#include <ostream>
#include "winery.h"

using namespace std;
//const int SIZE = 100;

class list
	list(void);				// constructor
	virtual ~list(void);	// destructor
	void displayByName(ostream& out) const;
	void displayByRating(ostream& out) const;
	void insert(const winery& winery);
	winery * const find(const char * const name) const;
	bool remove(const char * const name);

	struct node
		node(const winery& winery);		// constructor
		winery item;
		node * nextByName;
		node * nextByRating;

	node * headByName;
	node * headByRating;

#endif // _LIST_
int main()

    list	*wineries = new list();
	winery	*wPtr;

    cout << "\nCS260 - Lab1 - " << endl << endl;

	wineries->insert(winery("Lopez Island Vinyard", "San Juan Islands", 7, 95));
	wineries->insert(winery("Gallo", "Napa Valley", 200, 25));
	wineries->insert(winery("Cooper Mountain", "Willamette Valley", 100, 47));
#ifndef _WINERY_
#define _WINERY_

#include <ostream>

class winery
	winery(const char * const name, const char * const location, const int acres, const int rating);
	virtual ~winery(void);
	const char * const getName() const;
	const char * const getLocation() const;
	const int getAcres() const;
	const int getRating() const;

	// display headings for lists of wineries
	static void displayHeadings(std::ostream& out);

	friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& out, winery *w);

	char	*name;
	char	*location;
	int		acres;
	int		rating;

#endif // _WINERY_

not sure if the initializer list for this class function is correct?
Do i need to create memory for the linked list in the node constructor?

in the insert function i try to create my linked list however this crashes
node* newNode = new node(winery);

#include "list.h"
#include "winery.h"

list::node::node(const winery &winery) : item(winery.getName(), winery.getLocation(), winery.getAcres(), winery.getRating())


//item = winery;
nextByName = NULL;
nextByRating = NULL;


int acres = 0;
int rating = 0;

void list::insert(const winery& winery)

node *p;

p = new node(winery);

//node* newNode = new node(winery);  // CRASHES wont let me create memory

node * prev = NULL;
node * curr = headByName; 

	//traverse to find the position to insert
	//while (curr!=NULL && curr->item < winery)
	//	prev = curr;
	//	curr = curr->next;

//node *newNode = new node(winery);

	//while (curr!=NULL && curr->item < winery)
	//	prev = curr;
	//	curr = curr->next;


It wont let me create memory in the insert function without calling the node constructor. however i do not know what to do with the winery object being passed in to it.

Any help is very appeciative since i have been banging my head trying to get this for over a week now.

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