I am suppose to be making a program which inputs an employees name(first and last) and their quarterly sales. I am then suppose to output a table of all the employees and the quarterly sales, as well as their total sales. I am suppose to create an array of objects to store each employee as well as their quarterly sales. However i have absolutly no idea how to use an array of objects so i am lost.
right now i have a class called inputGUI which input the names and quarterly sales and a class called Employee which is suppose to do calculations (such as finding the employee with the highest and lowest total sales) with the array after i create it (which i dont know how to do). Im completely lost right now so any help would be very much appreciated.

Check out "ArrayList", it resizes itself as necessary. If you choose to use it, you would create an "ArrayList" of your class (ex: "Employee").

Here is an example with arrays:

Empleoyee emp  = new Empleoyee(); // this is an [B]Empleoyee[/B] 

Empleoyee [] empArray  = new Empleoyee[10]; // this an array

// emp is an Empleoyee
// empArray is an array
// the empArray above is not null

//empArray[0], empArray[1], empArray[2], ... are [B]Empleoyee[/B] but they are null

empArray[0] = new Empleoyee(); // now the empArray[0] is not null

empArray[1] = emp ; // now the empArray[1] is not null

// remember empArray[0] is an Empleoyee

int length = empArray.length; // empArray is an array
System.out.println("Number of employees: "+length);