Hey, im looking for a good C++ IDE on Linux.

Wanted features:

Integrated debugger support
Code formatting
Syntax highlighting etc..

I hate code folding and that auto-bracket thing

Preferably one thats fast. I tried Eclipse CDT but it crashed all the time and i didn't like it. I get on much better with Netbeans (handy as I use it for Java too), but it just seems very slow to start up - even slower than VS2008 is on windows...

Any recommendations?

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Well Linux has a few - Code::Blocks, Gedit, Kwrite, KDevelope, Gvim and so on. Myself I'm fond of Vim/GVim

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The best thing about Code::Blocks is that it's been ported to both *nix and MS-Windows. I wouldn't doubt that it also has a MAC port too. That means you don't have to learn different tools on Vista and *nix.


Got to say I like Code::Blocks. I used the nightly svn build (the binary provided for the stable release seemed quite old). I like its interface, quite easy to adjust to from a visual studio background, and much faster than NB and more stable than eclipse.

The fact there is a windows version is quite handy. Ill have to try it, but if that means my project files open correctly on both platforms, then thats great.

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