I have just upgraded to XP.
My base is VB6 professional.
Loads of problems.
BUT one specific problem. My telephone dialer does not work with XP.
The one I have works on 98 and Millenium.
I need the code for a dialer that works with XP.
Dialer being a mechanism that dials the telphone from code. Then the user,
picks up the hand set and uses the telephone.
For those that are interested my dialer for 98 and millenium works a dream if you want the code for it.
NOTE.. please send the code and what ocx's to use like mscomm in text form on notepad because the last time I asked for code I got a dozen beautiful hardcore virus'es in zipped folders.
Thanks for yer help.

I understand your concern about jerks sending virus's with zip files. I will only post enitre projects in .zip format. However, you may not need my help at all. If you go to http://www.catalyst.com, and look up the freeware version of socketwrench, it comes with a freeware dialer control, that will enable your apps to see if the phone is in use, and can also dial a number for you. I'm not 100% sure if the oldest ways in the book will work, but it's also always possible to echo modem init strings to the com port that the modem is residing on.