I am having trouble getting my program to work I keep getting an error that says class, interface, or enum expected. What am i doing wrong?? Please help.

//Inventory program
    // main method begins execution of Java application
    public static void main (String args[])

public class Product
{// begin Product class

//declare varibles
    private String name; //name of product
    private int itemnumber;// number of item
    private int numberofunits;//number of units
    private int priceperunit;// price of units
    private int itemnumberIn;
    private int numberofunitsIn;
    private int priceperunitIn;

    //declare empty constructor
    public Product(){}

    //declare Inventory constructor that accepts four parameters
    public Product(String nameln, int itemnumberln, int numberofunitsln, int priceperunitln)
        setName(nameln);//call the setName method and pass it the name
        setItemnumber(itemnumberln);// call the setItemnumber method and pass it the itemnumber
        setNumberofunits(numberofunitsln);//call the setNumberofunits method and pass it the numberofunits
        setPriceperunit(priceperunitln);//call the setPriceperunit method and pass it the priceperunit

}//end Inventory constructor
    public  void  setName(String nameIn)
        this.name = nameIn; // set instance variable name to name passed in the method.
} // end setName method

    public String  getName()
      return  this.name; // get the value of the instance variable name.
// end getName method

    public void setItemnumber (int itemnumberln)
       this.itemnumber = itemnumberIn;// set instance variable itemnumber to itemnumber passed in the method.
    //end setitemnumber method

    public int getItemnumber()
        return itemnumber;// get item number
    }//end get itemnumber

    public void setNumberofunits (int numberofunitsln)
        this.numberofunits = numberofunitsIn;// set instance variable numberofunits to numberofunits passed in the method.

    }// end setNumberofunits method

    public int getNumberofunits()
        return numberofunits;// get number of units
    }//end get numberofunits

    public void setPriceperunit (int priceperunit)
        this.priceperunit = priceperunitIn;//set instance variable priceperunit to priceperunit passed in the method.

    }//end setpriceperunit method

    public int getPriceperunit()
        return priceperunit;//get price per unit

    }//end get price per unit


    }//end product class

Copy and paste mistake LOL.
This is from your other class remove it

    // main method begins execution of Java application
    public static void main (String args[])
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