I am really having a problem on making a project of inventory system in Java.
The project says:
The inventory control system should have
1. Login in to the system.
2. Adding new items.
3. Modifying data of selective item.
4. Deleting existing items.
5. Check the stock availability.
6. Real time stock management (ie. When purchase happen you have to increase the stock availability and if sales occurs you have to reduce the stock availability.)

I any can help, it will be really a good help.


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Well you could do this many ways....use html form as front end and connect to some database and perform all the functionalities...or use swings and use a text file as a persistent store...how r u supposed to do this?


I am thanking all who has tried to help me.
If anyone has done this type of inventory system and has a copy on the computer, i will be highly appreciated if you can send me a copy.

I am really stucked as I got 5 days to submit.

!!!!!!! THANKS !!!!!!!!!!


Well, that's plenty of time - provided you have actually learned anything in your class so far.

Get to work or fail the project. It's all up to you. No one is going to just give you a copy of this.


Written such a system, took about half a year for a 5 man team :)
Of course that was slightly more powerful, robust, and flexible than your average homework assignment :)


Hey dude....
i will try to develop the application for you....give me a clearcut specifications of what you want me to develop and what java technologies(JEE) you want me to use....or is it just enough if i use J2SE core concepts....make sure you give me a full description of the problem....dont give me some form of vague description of the problem....hurry up....mail the problem to <<Email Snipped>>
all the best...

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Do you even know the purpose of this forum?
Read post #2
What do you think he will learn for that

hey guys.. i could really use some help.. im writing this in java.. i hv absolutely no clue what i should be doing.. cuz out lecturer is rubish..
i did some reading and i tried something out i dunno if you guys could help...
i made two classes Inventory and Item

i will past the code i have written...

what i really want to know how 2 do tho is number 6. which is

" real time management" ( no clue what this is or where to start)
this is as far as reading ( as a complete newbie) got me..
please help me out guys...
most important is number 6 the real time management ( which i have not written cuz i dpont know how)\
thank u
here is the code

Inventory src code :

public class inventory {
	private static Item[] inventory;
	private static Scanner sc;
	private static int noOfItems;
	 * @param args
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		sc=new Scanner(System.in);
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
		inventory=new item[10];
	public static int displayMenu()
		System.out.println("1.Add Item");
		System.out.println("2.Find Item");
		System.out.println("3.Delete Item");
		System.out.println("4.Count Item");
		System.out.println("Please enter your choice:");
		int i=sc.nextInt();
		return i;	
	public static void run()
			int i=displayMenu();
			case 1:addItem();
			case 2:findItem();
			case 4:countItem();
			case 5:return;
			default:System.out.println("Invalid choice");
	public static void addItem()
		System.out.print("Enter Item namme:");
		String item_name=sc.next();
		System.out.print("Enter barcode:");
		String barcode=sc.next();
		System.out.print("Enter price:");
		double price=sc.nextDouble();
		Item b=new Item(item_name,barcode,price);
			System.out.println("Array is full");
			System.out.println("Item added successfully");
	public static void findItem()
		System.out.print("Enter item name:");
		String item_name=sc.next();
		for(int i=0; i<noOfItems; i++)
				System.out.println("Item found:");
	public static void countItems()
		System.out.println("Num of items:"+noOfItems);
		for(int i=0; i< noOfItems; i++)


ITEM src codehere

public class item {

	private String item_name;
	private String barcode;
	private double price;
	//To initialise the state of the object
	public void Item(String item_name,String barcode,double price)
	//Reader methods i.e behavior methods
	public String getItem_name()
		return item_name;
	public String getBarcode()
		return barcode;
	public double getPrice()
		return price;
	//Writer methods or setter methods
	public void setTitle(String item_name)
	public void setPrice(double price)
		if(price < 0)
					System.out.println("Price cannot be negative");
	public void setBarcode(String barcode)
	public String toString()
		return "Item name:"+item_name+",Barcode:"+barcode+",Price:"+price;


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