I have been hunting all over the net for a custom richtextbox control for C# which would have the buttons and every functionality built-in.

I found some but they were for ASP.NET not for Win32 applications. So, I decided to code my own.

So far, mostly everything that I required has been done except for ordered list, add link and unlink.

For add link/unlink, I wanted a new form to open up with some options like where will the link point and the target (new window or the same one). How will I get a new form made?

Secondly, I have been unable to find an option for ordered list in the richtextbox control. Could someone guide me around how this would be done?

Is there any page which mentions all the properties and methods of the richtextbox control along with an explanation? (Like MSDN)

Thank you.

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Also, how do I ensure that when the control is resized, the toolstrip remains in the center and only the width/height of the richtextbox is increased/decreased?

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