Hi All,

Is it possible to convert an arraylist of chars to an array? For example:

ArrayList<Character> array = new ArrayList<Character>();

Can this be converted to an array of chars. I have tried using the toArray method but it is not working. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Here is a snippet of code:

Array<Character> letters = new ArrayList<Character>();
char[] characters =  new char[row * col];

public void createShuffleLetters()
		//create letters
		for(char ch = 'a'; ch <='z'; ch++)
		//convert arrayList to array

The line in red seems as if it should work, but I get the following error:
The method toArray(T[]) in the type ArrayList<Character> is not applicable for the arguments (char[])

I am trying to take an arraylist of characters and shuffle them then convert that arraylist to an array of chars. Any suggestions will be great.


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You're trying to cast a Character object to its primitive char type, which doesn't work.
Try using an array of Character instead of char. =)

hmm, I have never heard of an array of Character. Would you provide an example?

It's the same as a char array. You can make an array of any Object.

Character[] ... = new Character[size];

To elaborate on what llemes said (and he is correct), you are trying to use the following method "public Object[] toArray(Object[] a)" which takes an array of Objects, but you are passing in an array of chars. "char" is a primitive type, not an Object, which is why you are getting the error. On the other hand, the Character class (like every other class), "is-an" Object, so you can use that. Or you could simply use:

Character[] theChars = letters.toArray();

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