Help me ,,... i nid to learn all about looping in java programming and what are the sample codes. plss. help me.. tnx..

There is a "sticky" thread at the top of the Java Forum. Start there.

You should some books on java programming.

For the beginner refer to this location: java looping statements

Let me give you some tips about programming:

Whenever you are in problem or want to learn something, search the topic on net. I mean search in google. You will find lots of search results. Select the one and start learning.
for example go to google and type the search keyword: java loop statements. It will give you lots of results. Go through the short descriptions or search results page ,select the one that you think is the one that you want and follow it.

You should enter appropriate keywords in google to get the required results.

Don't panic, keep calm read the articles carefully, and there you go your problem is solved.

If you need further help. Just ask me or any other programmer on daniweb.

good luck.

Hey let me know what loops u need to know about as there are some loops available ..... While loop , do while loop, for loop.... So be precise on wht u want

for(int i = 0; i < 3; i++){ 
  //what you need to be repeated

1) initialises the "for loop"
int i = 0; initialises the i which is the number used ot monitor the repititions past.

2) the code you need performed...remmeber the ";" at the end as this is an easily made error

3) closes the for loop.

   //your code

1) initiates the while loop, very similar to for's except I didnt initiate i in this one, its assumed you have done sooner in the class.

2) your own code again

3) end loop

I hope this helped, pm me the link to this thread when you reply if you need any other help, and also all readers, if you see errors i nmy coding please pm me what I have done wrong as I am also a learner so everyone should take my advice with a pinch of salt.

Please try to give a relative title to your threads. It will help to give proper attention to the people who replies to your queries. This will help to get genuine replies and solutions quickly.

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