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Right now im working on a winsock encrypted message chat, in time it will come with some more security parts, maybe a higher bit with compression/decrompression for faster and more encrypted transfer. But so far this is the biggest project yet.


I know this is kinda late, but I'm a first time visitor. The coolest thing I've done in VB is a program I developed for my business. It is a program that allows the user to "virtually" fill in an invoice. However, the program allows the user to input a customer's email so the customer receives an email confirmation when his/her order is ready. The program also produces daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports of sales and the dollar amount, along with graphs. The program also estimates the final sales for the current month. The program consists of two main windows, one where the customer info is input, and a customer list. The program allows for searching by customer name, job quantity description, amount, status, date, or invoice number. Furthermore, the program also automatically calculates sales tax and totals. What's more, the project consists of "satellite" windows that communicate with the main program over a network. The "satellites" list pending job, and allow other users to update job statuses. I wish I could add images ('cuz I'm really proud of this project) but I don't know how.

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