Ok, I wanted to learn C++, so I went and found a tutorial.
I started reading it, but now I have so many questions!
FYI, I have little to no prior programming experience, so please don't laugh at me.

1) What is a compiler, how do I use it, where can I get one, and do you use it to write the codes?

2) Is there anything I need to download or get in order to learn C++?

I was in ur position, every tutorial makes it sound like you need this and that to start programming. And i'm trying to learn java & i'm finding the same thing again.

All you need is this:

- Dev C++
(This is a compiler - meaning an editing program to wirte the code in & compile it.)

Search dev C++ on google, download it. Ur done. There are heaps of other compilers out there, u can even use notepad to code, not so much compile BUT Dev C++ is the easiest, smallest(in download size) & most efficient when stating off.

A few pointers, once you have installed & opened the Dev C++ program.

- Create a new source file ( this is a c++ document, u know that because the file name will end in .cpp)
- This file is where u write ur code. In order to run ur program( the code u have written in the source file) you need to click the button compile, ie compile your code.
- Then u can click run, to, obviously run ur program & thats pretty much it.

If u want to create a project, make sure u select the type as "console application/project", this is best for beginners.

Thats pretty much it but make sure u look at a c++ hello world tutorial to know what to write in the source file

Thank you so much. I now have Dev-C++. I opened it up and made a source file, now I just have to start following the tutorial. Thanks again.
BTW, where is the compile button?