I want to retrieve the contents (including the tables) from a .doc file using C in linux.
If I can get the representation of the .doc file, then also I can proceed.
I have though done that but it has some bugs because I am using a logic which fails in many situation.

Any help would be appreciated.

thank a lot.

***NB: I have posted the same query in C++ forum also some days back for doing the same in c++.

Are you talking about *.doc files generated by Microsoft Word? I've never tried it but I can imagine it would be extremly complex to do outside MS-Windows and MS-Word. There is also Open Office that produces *.doc files, but they are not quite as complex as MS-Word.

You might start by reading this Microsoft article

You might start by reading this Microsoft article

Hi, I have downloaded the standard and read it befor( but not the whole of it). But its too complex and I thought may be there is some simpler way to do so.
And I meant *.doc generated from MS Word only :)