Hi, all. Thie following is an additional step in the program I previously mentioned [and, by the way, thanks for the responses; most helpful!] The final part of this project is to create of the grade frequency distribution. The program asks for grades of 7 students [using arrays] and inserting a midterm, final, project, average and end grade [converting numeric average to letter grade.] The frequency chart will look like the following. Any ideas on coding this.

Grade Frequency Distribution:

2 2 1 1 1

meaning that the total students [7] received the following grades.

Thanks for taking your time to look at this.


>Any ideas on coding this.
Yes, plenty. However, what I think doesn't matter since it's your program. What did you come up with before posting here?

That, of course, is the problem. I would imagine I would need to total the grades [how many A's, how many B's, etc.] and have it print in a horizontal line.

I have an example, but not certain this works for this sort of problem:

for (indx = 0; indx < num_std; ++indx)
total_grade[indx] = avg[indx]

Sorry, ... any ideas, or am I not giving you enuf?