Hey, I'm trying to do a class for a games program, basically it will allow me to enter games into the class. Here is the code
(It won't work)

#include <iostream>
#include <windows.h>
using namespace std;

class Games {
    char game_title;
    char game_cost;
    char name;
    void set_values(char name, char desc);
    char getName();

void Games::set_values(char name, char desc) 
 game_title = name;
 game_cost = desc;
char Games::getName()
     return name;     

int main()
    Games g1;
    cout << g1.getName();
return 0;

Thanks for any help =)

in line #11
u are declaring the method set_values() which takes two characters as parameters.
But in line #28
U are calling the same function passing a string.

Try out yourself how to solve it.
Read how to store a string and operations on it.