Hi all I'm new in this forum, I'm trying to make a tool for a game.

But in this tool i need a countdown but i only know how to do it
by seconds, i need help by making it Hours:Minutes:Seconds



Textbox1.text = ""
Textbox2.text = "00:00:00"

So can you help me guys making the timer ?
and if time get to 0 make a Beep sound better ^^

Any help please ?
i need the code to countdown format = 00:00:00
so if i put 01:00:00 and timer1.start it have to go to 00:59:59 etc till it gets to 0

Take a look at "StopWatch" in the help file. It has a nice example showing how to work with the StopWatch Class, TimeSpan object and how to format the hours, minutes & seconds for display.

The above timer example is the opposite of what you want (counting elapsed time as it proceeds) instead of couting down but all the formatting is the same.

To count down, you would use the same principals as above except that you would need to store the time when you start your function, and then when you check (such as in a timer tick event) subtract the current time from the start time to find out the difference.

well i dont really dont know where its that im new in this forum...

Why don't you learn VB.NET? Please purchase some good books and do practice. Take a look at MSDN online pages - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/sh9ywfdk.aspx

Yup im nobbie ^^ but im asking my father to buy me some books about it or lessons but he says when he have time XD

anyways im using VB only like 3 months and im only 15 years old + school and homework i dont have 2 much time to figure it out my self.