Q#1: Write a program that recognized whether input character is an uppercase, a digit and special character.

Q#2: Write a program that takes an integer number up till 5 digits and then calculate the sum of integer numbers. For example: 1234, its output will be: 10.

Q#3: Write a program in which 5 integer numbers may be assigned in an array and then print the inserted numbers.

Q#4: Write a program to find the largest of ten given numbers.

My final exam of Computer Programming held on this 20 October 2009, all the given programs are important for the paper, please help me in making given programs or make given programs then send me salman_uqaab@yahoo.com or reply on this forum...
PLEASE HELP ME! I will be very thankful to you! so PLEASE HELP ME!

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Learn to work. Don't expect others to do that 4 you.
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So basically, you are going to go to your teacher and tell him you made the programs all by yourself? Think daniweb is going to do all your work for you?
These questions are the easiest of the easy, require mere basics, and i just made a program for each of them. I will not show you the source, you have to start somewhere. Sleeping in your teachers lectures won't get you anywhere, just drop C++.
It's for your own good that i'm not giving you the source, you'll get even worse and you'll get stumped in the exam. You can learn basic C++ in a day using these sites:

Oh, and....good luck in your, ahem, exam :P

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