Hi guys,
I saw quite a few posts regarding this but I was unable to solve this problem that I am facing.

First off, when I do the following in my setup.py,

'script': 'gulhane.py',
'icon_resources': [(1, "icon.ico")]

Python crashes and I am unable to run the script using python setup.py py2exe.

Second, I do not use the icon_resources field in windows but I add the file in the form of a data_file,

('gui', [

I am using Inno to compile the .exe created by py2exe. I try to access this file to add as an icon to the shortcut using,

Name: "{group}\My APP"; Filename: "{app}\MyApp.exe"; WorkingDir: "{app}"; IconFilename: "{app}\gui\icon.ico"

making sure that I keep ChangesAssociations=yes

I am unable to view the icon on the shortcut even after trying this. Could you please shed some light on this? Thank you.

- Vish

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actually I tried almost the same things you did with no result aswell :( so if anyone knows more about py2exe pls post some info!

P.S sorry that this is not helpful bro...:)

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