i have been making a program using vb2005 but now it is done i have found that it will only work on a computer with .net framework 2.0beta which is currently only in windows vista and not in windows xp unless you download it from microsoft.
because of this i have been trying to re-do my program in vb2003.
however. using all the code that i have learn't for vb2005 i have ended up with 37 build errors , most of which are
'Reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference'
for example

Private Sub Form4_Move(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Move
        Form1.Location = Me.Location
        Form2.Location = Me.Location
        Form3.Location = Me.Location
    End Sub

creates an error for Form1.Location , Form2.Location , and Form3.Location.
i'm sure it's something simple that i have missed out but i don't know what and i can't find the solution by searching the internet.
can anyone explain what is wrong?

Yes, the code in .Net Framework 2.0 and 1.1 are inherently the similar, but no the same. You can go from 1.1 to 2.0 with the VB2005 application performing a code conversion, but going backwards is not very easy. Some features you maybe using in VB2005, do not exist in 2003.

My recommendations is downloading the the .Net Framework 2.0 beta or VB 2005 Express (which downloads the require framework with it) in order to update you other computer to run the code.

it has taken me a long time to come back to this as i have been busy with other things and i had been expecting an email to tell me that someone had replied which never came. oh well , maybe that is to do with the new look of daniweb which i think looks much nicer.

i had already made the program using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Beta 2 and as such it would only run on either my computer which has .net 2.0 on because of the beta software or anyone with windows vista beta 1 which also has .net 2.0 in.

i was trying to redo the program using visual studio .net 2003 so that people wouldn't need to install 23mb of .net 2.0 to be able to run my 50kb program as a~ that is quite a lot for anyone who still has a dial-up connection to have to download , and b~ a lot of people don't want beta software on their computer in case it makes things go wrong , beta means that you are a guinea pig and if things start going funny then as far as whoevers software it is is concerned you are responsible for your own problems.

the features i am doing are spread over 4 forms

  • form1 / splashscreen with timer. this form controls the contents of 3 textboxes on form2.
  • form2 / instructions to user and 3 textboxes. textbox1 has a word in to copy and paste. textboxes 2 and 3 are empty for inputting stuff. when instructions are completed and you press continue textbox2 has the contents of textbox1 inside a long line of text and that word is replaced by something else then the new string of text is added to the registry under a key named the contents of textbox3.
  • form3 / tells you that you have successfully added whatever you have added with a textbox repeating whatever was in textbox3 on form2. if you choose to go back to form2 from form3 and repeat the whole process then form3 controls the contents of the textboxes on form2 the same way that form1 did.
  • form4 / is just an about page with a website link.

can anyone explain what all the
'Reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference'
errors mean ?

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