I want to write a java program that send a file through cable to another PC automatically in specefic time..

I don't know which cable to use(crossover or usb) and how to read and write from the serial port..

i tried to do it in VB(with help from some online sources) but since im new in VB it didn't work with me..
please any help will be appreciated..

There are a lot of options you can choose from:

1. using an ethernet cable
2. using RS-232
3. USB ?

I suggest using an ethernet cable. its very easy to set-up a network and write a communications program in java (ie., using sockets, other network protocols etc). In using an RS-232, you need to know about COM ports and the specifics of the protocols, take a look on here:


Please do you know any links that can help to write a communication program using an ethernet cable..


Just see the standard networking tutorial. Regardless of whether it is twisted pair, token ring, usb, whatever, whatever, you can and most definately should set up an IP network on it, then you can use the normal network classes.