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You will have to use whatver zipping tool is installed on the remote machine if you want to zip the file while it still resides on the remote machine.


At local machine, How to zip a file at remote location using scripting in batch file

if your remote system runs telnet, you can use the Perl's telnet module to telnet to remote system, gzip the file and return to calling script.


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The same advertisement was also in this thread


but has also since been deleted/removed/whatever.

Also, as you can see, both in the reply above and the one in the other thread, the "subject" line is "website design" and not the title of the current topic. I did not change the subject line. I am not sure what he did to your site to place and then remove the advertisements, but they were there.


No, yesterday there was a large advertisement for someones site selling all sorts of scripts. Seemingly it has now been removed (either by a moderator or the individual who posted it).

Sure there was. :rolleyes:

hehehe... just kidding, makes sense. I hate spammers too so if I see this creep I'll make sure to let them know spammers are the lowest form of life on earth, just below child-molesters and rappists. :mad:

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