Quick question regarding the Fraction class created in the header file. Someone in my group used this in the header and I was wondering if there was an alternative to coding it than what they used. Something simpler for me to understand. It seems they just took a shortcut.

    Fraction(int _num = 0, int _den = 1, char _sign = 'p') : numerator(_num), denominator(_den), sign(_sign) {}

Another way to write this would be:

class Fraction
	int numerator;
	int denominator;
	char sign;
	Fraction(int _num = 0, int _den = 1, char _sign = 'p');

Fraction::Fraction(int _num, int _den, char _sign)
	numerator = _num;
	denominator = _den;
	sign = _sign;
Fraction(int _num = 0, int _den = 1, char _sign = 'p');

Having the '=' operator in the first declaration of the function makes it so if you do not give that parameter a value it will use the value stated as the default.

Ah ha! Thanks so much for the clarification.