How do I connect, wirelessly, to a localhost on another PC? I have not problem with "jdbc:mysql//localhost/databasename" but I can't figure out on another PC, named "PC2".

Thank you.

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I haven't had anyone respond to my problems and was wondering why?

Is the question ambiguous?

Is the problem unsolvable? I don't think so but don't know.

Is the answer so obvious now on wants to bother? It's not to me, a newbie in this stuff.

Appreciate some help!



Yes it is ambiguous...

What you mean by wirelessly? Through wireless network in home/office or through mobile network as communication between server and mobile device?

Access to DB is as you indicated through the connection string in first post, but you should provide a servlet that will receive request for DB communication, process it and return respond back to "caller". Or have you had something else on your mind?


Thanks for the response. I guess I'm such a newbie that I don't understand some of your response. What is a "servlet." How do create it.

First, this is for a home network. The Database URL that was in my first message works great on the PC I'm developing on, where the database currently resides. However, I would like to connect to a database on another PC (named Desktop). How do I modify the Database URL to access the database on "Desktop?"

Have I helped myself? Did I make my quest any clearer?

Thanks again.


I guess I'm still at a loss why I'm not getting a response to my query?

Greatly appreciate some help. Again, if I'm expressing the problem clearly, give me some guidence. I'll try to do better.

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