hi, i am final year student and i need to start on my project in 3 weeks time. Wel i love programing with java and i need to learn more on the depth area's.So doing a project using java will help me a lot.
So what i am asking u is to give me a Idea on a suitable Project topic using Java .So i can research on that topic and decide on it.The Project time period is 6 months.
I am struggling to figure out a good topic with research area's and and most importantly some thing for me to learn.I hope u will help me out in some aspect.


Any closer specification of interest?

  • desktop development
  • web development
  • mobile development
  • interest in any of the frameworks
  • interest in any of other technologies supported by java
  • any personal interest where you think you could develop something you could use on daily/often bases

thanks for the reply...Both desktop and web development will be ok....i have a fare knowledge of PHP as well...although i haven't done any mobile developments before i would like to give it a go..but i only have 6 months...
thnx again..

While doing BSc project working with "new" technology is highly beneficial. New technology in the meaning something you haven't been touched at school.
With Java Microedition (JME)there is no big deal, it is easy to start work with it as it is Java SE cut down version and there are plenty of books, web tutorials and easy to test as most of the mobile devices can run it.
On other hand Android is different, it is still Java, but organization is different and plenty of coding can be "avoid it" if XML configurations used. XML is something you will either love it or hate it with passion. Same as with JME Android has some good books and plenty of resources, plus you do not really need device as their emulator is more sophisticated then JME one.
JME starting guide can be found here .
Android books, Professional Android Application Development, Unlocking Android: A Developer's Guide or Pro Android are good starts, plus here is link for SDK download. Depending on which IDE you prefer they have plugins available (Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA have somewhat better support then NetBeans).

If you still think you cannot learn and come up with some topic for mobile platforms, then you can try something like Hibernate, Spring or Struts, or perhaps something else.

The innovative idea is the important part, technology is just tool to get you there...

Tnx bro..i ws also going thr sum Android tutorials..i feel its a good idea..also its new and it will be a new experience for da lecturer as wel..if u can giv a idea on wat is suitable for a project idea with Android...
tnx again..

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2. Sorry I already provided valuable tips what may get you better marks, gave you list of technologies that are not commonly used. Now you even want my ideas so you can sell them as your own? Sorry, I did my best to steer your interest and make you think what you can achieve with these technologies, but it seems not working. You can come back and we can discuss your ideas when you get some. Till that time, happy brainstorming...

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OK sorry about the English in the first place.sure it wont happen again.Also this is not about selling your idea.I haven't been into Mobile Development before so i don't know about the scope of a project on mobile development.i mean as a Bsc final year student i just cant build a simple application.So i just wanted to know hoe far i would need to go for a Final Year student(6 months).
Also is it possible to learn Android for guy who hasn't done monile development at all?
thanks a lot for your ideas and hope u will keep me updated.

Try to write something that will stay local to the device, because if you do something that requires network connectivity you are going to next level where good use of Threads is "MUST HAVE ! ! ".
Create some game with AI (artificial intelligence), or you may attempt some location aware application (communication between Android and Google Maps seems to be reasonable simple but advanced in regards of university education)

OK..thanks for that..using google maps will be intresting.also i got a great book called "Hello Android"..if u can recommend me some new books...also will the hardware factor be a problem to me?

I already linked books which I considered worth to look into. I seen first edition of Hello World but it did not impress me.

Hardware is no issue, android emulator is more sophisticated then Java Microedition, but it will do just find with developing and testing.

Ya for testing propose that's ok..what i mean is when i submit the project will the hardware factor come to play??coz i am doing a onlne degree and have to submit the project online...

It shouldn't be any problem. In day-study program you will discuss your project idea with your supervisor who will reject/approve and then in your report you need to specify what software or hardware is necessary to successfully run your submitted project.
Ask your university for guidelines on submitting project where all this should explained...

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i want complete my project in java of bscit final
plz any one gudie me

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