Hi ,
I am busy converting a VB6 project to c#.
Now in vb6 , the columns have intellisense like so...

rsIBBSData!DrOrCr = 1  'rs is the recordset

But in c# , i would either have to create an sql query , or use datarow with a column index or column name as index.

Having to use column index is error prone , and having to type column name is burdensome(many columns in tables) .

I know it is something along the lines of creating dataset(via datasources wizard) and/or table adapter .
Pls give me instructions if you know how.(no commercial products or complex procedures please)


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What i've done so far is to add a data source (i.e a dataset including only one table).
I am getting the intellisense , and am about to test inserting a record (I have not set non null fields).

It sounds like you're on the right track. You know what you need to do so I don't understand what you're asking. If you have a specific question about creating a dataset or its' behavior then please update the thread with your question.

Problem is solved ,
I did the above , in runtime I had to change the connection string , and whichever fields of a row I did not set , then a default null was inserted.If the field was not nullable then I would get a compile-time error which is better than runtime.

Further suggestions are still welcome...

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