Is it a good idea to help people with object oriented software design and code?

I'm asking this because most of the code here is written using the functional programming, and all could probably improve a little or a lot with object oriented design and coding.

My first doubt about offering this type of assistance stems from the large amount of homework questions. Courses don't allow you to put advanced techniques in assignments and tests designed to understand the basic material. If you turn in a program written with classes while you're just beginning to learn about defining functions, you'll probably get a big fat F.

That would be good for people who simply copy pasta (copy and paste) code. They're cheaters and deserve to fail. However, for people who actually learn the material, understand it, and adopt it in their normal use, this is unfair. They wouldn't be able to turn in the code they built despite being legitimate. However, they might learn from it and make use of it in future class work and their personal code.

So basically what I'm asking is is this type of assistance worth the time and effort of rendering?

Python is fundamentaly object oriented, so yes, I think we should write as much OO code as possible in this forum. It's also the good way for students to learn python.