I would like to learn C++ and become a gaming programmer. Your suggestions to the following are appreciated.

Q1) What development software do you suggest (compiler, code editor, ide, etc)? Free versions as well as priced, thanks.
Q2) Regarding OS, does anyone recommend Linux over Windows (XP, Vista, 7)? What OS do you recommend?
Q3) Is there a "learning gaming programming" site or book recommendation? I've seen the suggested "Book" thread. But incase you'd like to add anything.
Q4) Should this thread be in the "gaming section" of this site?

If the above questions are covered in another thread, I appologize, and would be grateful for the link.

Thanks again.

1) Either Code::Blocks or VC++ 2008 Express, both are free

2) MS-Windows. *nix has little support for serious games

3) Tons of sites. Can't recommend any because I don't write games.

4) No. It should be in the IT Professional's Lounge.