Hi all...

well.. the thing is that me & my team are working on our graduating project

we are using MATLAB.. and we need to use a database
we've tried Access.. but it seems hard as we need to store images in the database

when we tried to retrieve the image in matlab, the only thing we saw was a bunch of numbers, which by my guess would be the pixels of the picture?

any one has an idea of the best database system to use with matlab? and how to retrieve images from the database to the matlab workspace?

thanx a lot ^_^

hi Fadily

i'm doing a project in Image storing and retrieval now and i'm held up with the same scenario as you have mentioned above. i hope you might have found a solution for your post by now and if so could you pls let me know how you went about in solving this scenario ?

Hi rmalini

well.. I really don't see if our solution will be helpful to you
but any way..
We find a solution that doesn't require storing images in database, instead we stored only the coordination of images
the image were placed in a folder, and we used the function "imread" to display the pictures

hope that was helpful ^_^